Sippin’ Cold Tea

Words & Music FrankDHowe ©&℗Flattnoffki Music (PRS for Music)


[A – D – A – E – D – A]

Verse 1

When I was a boy (I was) [D] raised on the [A] land,
and I’d go and give my old [E] daddy a hand
[A] Around ten o’clock he’d sit [D] down ‘side ‘o’ [A] me,
and sip from a bottle of [E] cloudy cold [A] tea
We’d sit in the shade of a [D] hedge or a [A] stack
and share bread and cheese while he [E] rested his back
There [A] wasn’t no noisy old [D] engines no [A] where,
(just the) buzzin’ of bees in the [E] warm summer [A] air

[E] Cold tea cold tea – all [D] sludgy and [A] brown
In an [E] old flip top bottle with a [D] sock pulled up [E] ‘round it
To [A] help keep it warm though it [D] never was [A] bound to
But it wetted ya whistle – ‘n’ [E] lay the dust [A] down!

Verse 2

Them big horses stood like they [D] just didn’t [A] care
Oh they’d never move the whole [E] time we sat there
and [A] once in a while he would [D] smile down at [A] me
And offer that bottle of [E] cloudy cold [A] tea
It never looked invitin’, as [D] I well re [A] call,
There was scum on the top, it was [E] too sweet ‘n’ all
Yet I’d [A] give my right arm, just to [D] be way back [A] when,
I was sippin’ cold tea with my [E] ol’ man a [A] g’en

Repeat chorus (as above)

Verse 3

Now he’d keep a workin’ while [D] there was day [A] light
Though he gained little from it – ‘cep’t [E] a workin’ man’s pride!
He’d [A] turn round to me at [D] the end of the [A] day,
would you like to ride him back (E) home? he would [A] say
He’d shove me up high on that [D] big horses [A] back,
The saddle I had was a [E] folded up sack
Men like [A] him had a hard life when [D] I look back [A] now,
From sun up till sun down there was [E] sweat on their [A] brow

Repeat chorus (as above)


He looked across the table once [D] expressed his fears to me
It was just before he died – ‘n’ I was [E] barely seventeen
He said [A] I’ve known ‘wars and hardship’ son; but [D] far as I can [A] see
Life’s been sweet because I’ve been com[E]paratively [A] free (said)
I’d live my life another twice [D] before I’d once live [A] yours
Under Governments who’ll give away all [E] we’ve been fightin’ for
and [A] in your time I hope I’m wrong; [D] but I much doubt [A] it –
you’ll need a licence to breath and a [E] ticket to [A] shit

(Repeat chorus (as above)

Verse 5

So tell me was he wrong or right when [D] he expressed those [A] fears
[A] there’s a spy in your cab; heli [D] copters in the [A] air (and I)
Dread to think of freedoms we have [E] lost throughout those [A] years

But I’m old – and I’ll soon see my [D] daddy a[A]g’en
And we’ll laugh and we’ll talk about [E] things way back when
Yes and [A] he’ll hear no mention of [D] hard times from [A] me!
Just of shared bread and cheese yes and [E] sippin’ cold [A] tea
And of bees in warm breezes – and [E] sippin’ cold [A] tea


Dedicated to my father; Charles Francis William Walter Howe’, born at Horsford, Norfolk, England (20th August 1900) and to all others who worked hard and sipped cold tea to help get them through their long hard working days (which they did for very little financial reward)!

Also dedicated to all other writers who, like me, write songs that are far too long and too wordy (for success) :-) (bless ‘em)

Frank D. Howe