A Stone Named Mary

Words & Music FrankDHowe ©&℗Flattnoffki Music (PRS for Music)

Ab (cappo on 1st fret)

Well he; threw away, a stone named Mary, that weighed around his neck too long
Put a furrow on his brow, always sang a different song (to him and)
Just cut loose and hit the road, went half way round the world you know
Settled down in Albufiera – after trying Mexico

Then he; worked those local fishing boats, spent most of his damn time afloat
(till he) got into that ‘porto white’, spent wasted days and empty nights!!
(well it) almost stole his mind you know, went down as far as he could go

Then he met Maria on the shore; and we never heard no more

Chorus 1

Bet she ID’d with his life song – was on his wavelength – purred along
Became the chorus, kept in key, gave his life some harmony


You know I hope he’s happy now, I’d like to think so anyhow!
Maybe I’ll go myself sometime? Bust those chains – cross that line
(you know) catch the next wind as it blows, throw caution to it as I go
Flip coins at crossroads, forks and t’s, let heads or tails guide destiny

Chorus 2

Yes I hope he’s doin’ well, got all his devils sent to hell
Got himself some peace of mind, the always and forever kind

Out lines

Maybe someday I’ll go as well – live out some stories – I can tell

Just pick the grape right from the vine; get me some sun and white port wine!

Oh yeah !