Angel Say You’re Gonna Stay

Words & Music FrankDHowe ©&℗Flattnoffki Music (PRS for Music)

A – E – D

Saw you passing by – I decoyed you down, by pretending I may be a soul in need
You came curiously close – and; I shot your wings out
With quick fired words of love – and poetry
Then I taught you a few things, an angel shouldn’t know
And I guess I took you places, an angel shouldn’t go
But you learned with love and innocence; and so your wings have regrown
Now just the passing thought that you could fly away; can fill my heart with woe
For you knew when I won my time with you – I was playing games it’s true
So you played me at my own game – knowing I would fall in love with you!


I’ll bet those other angels; missed you – when you came and stayed
Thought I was the devil’s cousin, and must have you in some way restrained
And they’ll be so very happy – now your wings have grown again
Expecting that you’ll fly back – whence you came
But go and you will leave behind a soul, that really is now, so in need
Yes I got burned, it’s my turn – ole cupid has shot me
Please angel say, you’re gonna stay with me