Old Festival Memories

This song is a tribute to all you long term music lovers, club members and music festival goers everywhere –
whatever your taste in music!
In my case I think in particular of those on my own home patch – the Norwich Ghostriders CWC and the UK (especially East Anglian)
country music festival scene. But we all have our favourites to think of.

Words & Music FrankDHowe ©&℗Flattnoffki Music (PRS for Music)

(G) Last night we stayed in, shared some (C) wine and nos (G) talgia
Watched some videos of old festivals we have (D) known
Oh the 1st frame of gold, showed a (C) dear sweet friend of old
With his (G) wife, who’s still (D) living, on her (G) own – god bless ya Jed (whoever)


Then (D) year after year, the same old (C) gang were all (G) there
Filled our hearts with their young smiles ten feet (D) wide!
But the (G) quota of them, we never (C) will see again
Tore at (G) us; till we (D) both broke down and (G) cried



Those (D) wonderful mem’ries poured (C) forth from the (G) screen
Till the wine tasted salt with the (D) tears
And we (G) half loved each moment down (C) memory lane,
And we (G) half feared the (D) passing of more (G) years

Bridge (based on part 1)

But the (D) good times still roll, for those (C) left growing (G) old
And who open up their hearts to let them (D) in!
So lets (G) cherish the past and think (C) well of the cast
Of this (G) movie of (d)life we all have (G) shared


Then for (D) give anyone who a (C) gainst us have (G) done
But think ten times as much of those who (D) cared!!
And to (G) night raise our glass, toast the (C) friendship that lasts,
As we (G) build on our (D) memories; while we’re (G) here!!!!!

Yes let’s (C) raise up our glasses, let the (G) whole world kiss our asses,
If they don’t like the (D) friendship we hold (G) dear
And then build another (D) memory while we’re (G) here!!!!!!!!!!