Some Thoughts I have Had – Volume 1

1. Snugga- Luggin’

2. Drinkin’ Lyin’ Down (duet with Henry Smith)

3. A Stone Named Mary

4. Old Festival Memories

5. Angel Say You’re Gonnas Stay

6. Honkey-Tonk Highway

7. He’s Got a Way With Women

8. That’s When It Rains

9. A Woman Like That

10. Diversions

11. Sippin’ Cold Tea

Like the idea of having a hand written dedication for yourself or a friend on a CD?

Well just tell the name/s and words you’d like on one and let me and technology do the rest.
PayPal is my preferred way to be paid, but I know not everyone is using PayPal yet.  Well, good news is, you don’t have to pay that way there are other options on this site and if you’re having difficulty just make contact via the Contact Page and get in touch!  Soon there’ll be a CD with your message on it heading your way out of Norwich on the next convenient stagecoach.
Enjoy –  Frank